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  • Espace de travail

    We don't tie you down with a monthly membership fee. Enjoy the flexibility of booking hot-desks all the way to your own private office or podcast studio time on an as-needed, hourly or daily basis. And, if you enjoy additional savings then sign up for one of our money-saving plans to get even more benefits.

  • Salles de conférence

    Disponibilité en temps réel pour toutes les salles de réunion. Effectuez et gérez des réservations en ligne.

  • Réseau de membres en ligne

    Connectez facilement avec les autres membres de la communauté. Utilisez le bottin pour trouver les bonnes compétences et promouvoir vos services.

  • Garde d'enfants

    Professional childcare services available off-site from our childcare affiliate, Kidology Enterprises (

  • Events here are more than 'events'

    Connect and learn in our curated events, incubator and accelerator programs and meet-ups.

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  • Side Hustler Love Special

    Par mois


    • If you work 9 to 5 on your Day Job and all other hours pursuing your Day Dream, then this plan was created with you in mind. With a minimal recurring monthly investment of $25 you will receive:

      • 5 days of hot desk ($75 value)
      • 25% discount on Biddy Mason Community Room and Sojourner Truth Conference Room bookings (up to $25 savings per hour)
      • Free access to Members-only Mixers and Workshops (priceless!)
  • Monthly Mailbox / Delivery Services

    Par mois


    • (Does not include accepting any deliveries related to legal proceedings)
  • Semi-Annual Mailbox/ Delivery Services

    Chaque 6 mois


    • Successful business owners understand the value of their time.  The last thing you need to be worried about is packages that have been destroyed due to the weather or even worse, stolen packages. Her Power Space has the optimal solution to solve these problems and give your small business brand a boost. Our Mail Services Include the Following:
      • Give your brand a boost with a physical street address
      • Alleviate the stress of worrying about stolen packages or bad weather.  Your package will be safe and out of elements in our office
      • Notification of package receipt via email or text
      • Convenient pick-up hours
      Best of all, you can purchase our services on a month to month basis with no contract commitment or better yet, purchase our six (6) month package and get one month free ($30 savings).

      (Does not include accepting any deliveries related to legal proceedings)
  • Annual Mailbox / Delivery Services



  • Podcast Studio/Content Creation Studio for Creators

    Par mois


    • This program is for you if you are serious about creating your content and you want to develop it within a professional setting and with structure. We get it!

      This Plan is for you to push out your episodic and regularly scheduled content by providing you 8 hours per month of studio time at a favorable rate. Don't forget that you have 15 minutes to set up and 15 minutes post-recording, so it's like getting 12 hours of studio time per month!!!!!!

      Remember that our Tyra Banks studio is a DIY studio. We have high quality professional audio equipment, you only need to bring your laptop or any special lighting and camera. If you need audio engineering or recommendations for videographers and photographers just shoot us a help desk message from any page on our website!

      We told you that we get it! We're creatives too! We look forward to seeing you in the studio.

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